The University of Botswana carries out high quality and internationally visible research. We are recognized as the largest contributor of research output nationally, as noted by the Human Resources Development Council. Our research has influenced policy development over years, providing professional services through consultancies for government, industry and other development agencies. Notable of these are the development of the Okavango Delta Management Plan and the immerse contribution to the listing of the Okavango Delta as a world heritage number 1000.

Projects and Outputs
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Partnerships and Collaborations

We value Collaborative research that emphasises multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research. We welcome collaboration and partnerships in our various strategic priorities;

  • Renewable and Sustainable Energy
  • Culture and Peace
  • Scientific Research, Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Culture, the arts and society
  • Economic diversification and entrepreneurship
  • Environmental systems and natural resources management
  • Health
  • Indigenous knowledge systems
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We have researchers of repute for your R&D and innovative solutions.The university has diverse expertise and high-tech facilities for cutting-edge solutions.

We welcome partnerships with educational institutions, industry and community at large. Together we can address the societal, national, continental and the world issues.

MCKT 2024 Call for Research Proposals


Call Closes: 18 March 2024




Office of Research and Development (ORD)

Do you need support for your research or want to know about research at UB? We are the research hub with a dynamic team of research management professionals. Our integrated suite of services is available to university staff, students and external stakeholders.

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Phone: +267 3552900 

Physical Location: Block 243

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