Diploma in Social Work (DSW)

Entry Requirements

Subject to the General Regulations 200 and the Special Regulations of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the following Special Regulations of the Department of Social Work shall apply: The normal minimum requirement is a BGCSE with credit in English or a Certificate in Social Work from this University or an equivalent qualification. Students shall be subject to the guidelines and regulations of the Department’s Fieldwork Manual.

DSW Programme Structure and Content.

The Diploma in Social Work (DSW) programme has a total of 72 to 74 credits.

MPhil/PhD in Social Work

1.0 Programme Objectives

• To promote scientific enquiry that further develops the social work profession.

• To support training of social workers and researchers wishing to pursue higher (graduate) degrees in Social Work.

• To equip MPhil and PhD students with the necessary analytic skills in research to tackle complex social issues and challenges at national and/or regional levels.

Social Work

We aim to prepare social workers at the DSW, BSW, MSW and PHD levels with knowledge, skills, and an ethical and value foundation to be able to conceptualize, analyze, and evaluate social problems/ issues/social work practice, in ways that are highly differentiated, and self critical. Social work is a human service profession, guided by principles, values and ethics.

In pursuit of academic excellence