Bachelor of Social Work

Entry Requirements.

Subject to the General Regulations 200 and the Special Regulations of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the following Special Regulations of the Department of Social Work shall apply:

1. The normal minimum requirement for entry into the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Programme is a credit in Mathematics.
2. Students shall be subject to the guidelines and regulations of the Department’s Fieldwork Manual.
3. Applicants with a Diploma in Social Work from this University or an equivalent qualification with a minimum grade of a credit shall be eligible for entry at Level 2 of the first semester of the second year of the BSW Programme.

BSW Programme Structure and Content

The BSW programme has a total of 129-137 credits.

Level 100

Semester 1

BSW100 Reading and Writing in Social Work (2)
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
POL101 Introduction to Political Science (3)
LAW151 Social Work and Law (3)
SOC121 Introduction to Sociological Concepts and Principles (3)
COM151 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills (Social Sciences) (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals I (2)
19 credits.

Semester 2

BSW102 Oral Communication (3)
BSW103 Introduction to Social Welfare (3)
BSW104 Introduction to Social Work (3)
SWF102 Helping in the Community–Fieldwork Experience (3)
COM152 Academic and Professional Communication (Social Sciences) (3)
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals 2 (2)
17 credits.

Level 200

Semester 1 (Regular Entry)

BSW200 Introduction to Community Work (3) (prerequisite BSW104)
BSW201 Introduction to Working with Families and Individuals (3) (pre-requisite BSW104)
STA111 Elementary Statistics (3)
ECO111 Basic Microeconomics (3)
LAW151 Social Work and Law (3)
General Education Course/Elective (2 or 3 credits)
18-19 credits.

Semester 1 (Direct Entry)

BSW201 Introduction to Working with Families and Individuals (3) (pre-requisite BSW104)
POL101 Introduction to Political Science (3)
LAW151 Social Work and Law (3)
STA111 Elementary Statistics (3)
ECO111 Basic Microeconomics (3)
General Education Course/Elective (2 or 3 credits)
18-19 credits.
NB: Direct entry students are exempted from BSW200.

Semester 2

SWF101 Orientation to Fieldwork (1)
BSW202 Social Policy (3) (pre-requisite ECO111, POL101)
BSW203 Social Work and Mental Health (3) (pre-requisite PSY101, BSW201)
BSW204 Theory and Social Work Practice (3) (pre-requisite BSW103, BSW104)
BSW205 Introduction to Group Work (3)
STA112 Statistical Tools for Social Research (3) (pre-requisite STA111)16 credits.

Winter semester

SWF300 Fieldwork I (Block Placement) (3) (Direct Entry Students Exempted) (prerequisite BSW200, BSW201, BSW203, SWF101)

Level 300

Semester 1

SWF301 Reflective Practice on Fieldwork (2)(prerequisite SWF300)
BSW301 Administration and Change in the Social Services (3)(pre-requisite BSW202)
BSW302 Counselling(3)(pre-requisite BSW201)
BSW303 Social Work Practice with AIDS (3) (prerequisite BSW200, BSW201, BSW205)
*General Education Course/Elective (2 or 3credits)
16-17 credits.

Semester 2

SWF302 Fieldwork Practice, Culture and Social Work (2)(pre-requisite BSW200, SWF201)
BSW305 Community with Practice (3)(prerequisite BSW200)
BSW306 Research in Social Work (3)(prerequisite STA111, STA112)
BSW307 Social Service Planning (3)
*General Education Course/Elective (2 or 3 credits)
15-17 credits.

Winter semester

SWF400 Fieldwork II (Block Placement) (3)(prerequisite
SWF300, BSW302, BSW305)

Level 400

Semester 1

SWF402 Linking Theory and Fieldwork (3) (pre-requisite SWF400)
BSW401 Supervision in Social Work (3)(prerequisite BSW301)

Students shall take one of the following:

BSW402 Seminar (3)(pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW403 Seminar (3)(pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW404 Seminar (3)(pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW405 Seminar (3)(pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW406 Research Project I (3) (pre-requisite BSW306)
General Education Course/Elective (3 Credits each)
15 credits.


SWF401 Integrative Fieldwork Practice (3)

Students shall take two of the following:

BSW407 Seminar (3) (pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW408 Seminar (3) (pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW409 Seminar (3) (pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW410 Seminar (3) (pre-requisite BSW306)
BSW415 Research Project II (6) and 1 Seminar.
General Education Course/Elective (3 Credits)
15 Credits.

NB: Students with a minimum of a B average from Level 2 and 3 and a minimum of B average from BSW306 can choose BSW406 and BSW415 in place of one seminar in Semester 1 and one seminar in Semester 2.

NB: SWF300 and SWF400 are 9-week fieldwork placements in social welfare agencies that take place during the long vacation between Levels 2 and 3 and Levels 3 and 4 respectively.


Assessment shall be as per General Academic Regulations 00.8. Assessment criteria shall also be stated in each course outline.

Progression from Semester to Semester

Progression from one semester to the next shall be as per General Academic Regulations 00.9.

Award of the Degree

The award of the Degree shall be as per General Regulations 00.852.

In pursuit of academic excellence