Student Affairs

Health and Wellness Centre

Health and Wellness Centre is a user friendly facility committed at promoting healthy lifestyles among students and staff and contribute to their measurable positive health outcomes, through provision of quality health education, prevention programs and psychological care to the University Community. The Centre offers a comprehensive array of services to students and staff of the University of Botswana.

Health Services Department

Our Mandate: To provide quality health services to the University Of Botswana student community,  and staff in case of emegerncy.

Note that we have adopted the ‘triage’ system where the most unwell will be attended to first.
We also have an on call services(contact through security office) for afterhours, weekend and public holiday care.

Our clinic is run according to the World Health organisation regulations, hence all our activities adhere to the Ministry Of Health, Botswana laws, standards etc.

Disability Support Services Unit

The University of Botswana, Disability Support Services Unit (DSSU) was established in 1982 to coordinate support services and academic accommodations for students with disabilities enrolled at the University of Botswana. DSSU has been mandated to create an environment that promotes access and participation of students with disabilities in the curricula and co-curricular activities.  The University strives to provide an environment that not only enhances their inclusion in university activities, but also increases their chances of success in their studies.

Culture, Sports and Recreation

The Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation at the University of Botswana has a longstanding tradition of supporting staff and students of all ages and abilities in their pursuit of active, vibrant experiences. The mission of the department is to continue to educate through the diverse range of resources found in our people and facilities. 

Careers and Counselling Centre

The Careers and Counselling Centre is a department in the Student Affairs Division which offers a wide range of services to students and staff in the acquisition and development of attitudes, skills, insights and understanding about themselves and their environment which are necessary for optimal growth and development.

Academic Services

The Department of Academic Services is mainly charged with the coordination and directing of all functions related to student recruitment; admissions; enrolment management systems; maintenance of student information systems; provision of senate secretariat; coordination of students registration, lecturing and examination scheduling; examinations administration, graduation activities and management of both former and current students records.

Student Welfare

The Department of Student Welfare falls under the Division of Student Affairs which is mandated to improve the student experience in the university. The office handles student's accommodation services, reception of new students, student leadership development, management of residence life and the general welfare of students at UB. We ensure that as a student you have a conducive living and learning environment. All activities are held under the theme 'we are here to grow' which emphasises continuous learning and growth.


Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs)

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs (DVC SA) provides leadership and advises the Vice Chancellor on matters of student affairs, and develops policy for all aspects of student life. Among others, the DVC SA provides consultative and other mechanisms to stimulate dialogue between the University authorities and the student body and promote good government and peace across the University.