HIV and AIDS Coordination

The University believes that its ability to accomplish its vision and mission depends on the health and well-being of staff and students. Without effective management, the impact of HIV and AIDS will affect staff and students' productivity through illness and deaths, which could impact negatively on the overall quality of the work of the institution.

The University of Botswana HIV and AIDS Coordinating Office provides strategic leadership to the development and implementation of comprehensive HIV and AIDS programs and activities at UB. The office works directly with all departments and students’ clubs in coming up with programs, initiatives and activities that mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on the institution; students and staff.

Additionally, the office is the link point between the university, governmental stakeholders and non-government organizations on the HIV and AIDS Policy, and the general issues of HIV and AIDS.

We offer logistics and support to departments and student clubs on programs and activities geared to HIV awareness; education and information dissemination.

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Location: Student Centre Building, Block 139 Office 251/252

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