Health and Wellness Centre

Health and Wellness Centre is a user friendly facility committed at promoting healthy lifestyles among students and staff and contribute to their measurable positive health outcomes, through provision of quality health education, prevention programs and psychological care to the University Community. The Centre offers a comprehensive array of services to students and staff of the University of Botswana. Health and Wellness Centre recognizes that wellness is essential to the UB community as such we are creating a culture of wellness on campus, making the University a place where people can experience a commitment to their health and wellbeing.

Goals of the Health & Wellness Centre

  • To promoting, and improve the wellbeing of University students and staff through education and awareness programmes.
  • To coordinate the implementation of education programmes aimed addressing health and wellness issues of the University community.
  • To coordinate health and wellness activities initiated by UB students and staff, especially aimed at creating awareness amongst the University Community
  • To conduct sensitisation and awareness campaigns for both students and staff on various health and wellness matters.

In pursuit of academic excellence