Disability Support Services

The University of Botswana, Disability Support Services Unit (DSSU) was established in 1982 to coordinate support services and academic accommodations for students with disabilities enrolled at the University of Botswana. DSSU has been mandated to create an environment that promotes access and participation of students with disabilities in the curricula and co-curricular activities.  The University strives to provide an environment that not only enhances their inclusion in university activities, but also increases their chances of success in their studies. DSSU offers a wide range of programs and services which include but not limited to: educational and psycho-social support, academic accommodations, learner support, alternate examinations, and assistive technology devices.

Through the Disability Policy, the University is committed to promoting equal opportunities in campus life.

DSSU values diversity 

We believe that disability is an integral aspect of diversity. We encourage self-determination and work to ensure equal opportunity and provide tools for success for our students.

In pursuit of academic excellence