Physical Education, Health and Recreation

Master of Education Degree in Physical Education

The following courses are offered for the Master’s of Education Degree in Physical Education:

•MEd (Physical Education- Pedagogy)

•MEd (Physical Education-Sports Management)

•MEd (Physical Education-Sports Science)

•MEd (Physical Education-Sports Psychology)

1.0 Departmental Regulations MEd (Physical Education)

Subject to the provisions of General Regulations 40.0 and the Faculty of Education Special Regulations 41.0, the following Departmental Special Regulations shall apply:

Bachelor of Education in Physical Education

Entry Requirements

Level 100: A minimum of 5 credits in the BGCSE or its equivalent
Level 200: A certificate in Physical Education, College Diploma, or its equivalent
Level 300: University of Botswana Diploma in Physical Education or its equivalent

The normal entry requirements shall be as stipulated in General Regulation 20.20 and Departmental Regulations ED 9.2 and ED 9.3.

Level 100

Semester I

Core Courses

Physical Education, Health and Recreation

The Department was established in 1994 to offer Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor's degree programmes in Physical, Health Education and Recreation. The certificate and diploma programmes were however phased out in 1999 in order to devote resources to the bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. The four- year Bachelor's degree programme requires grounding in courses such as physical education teacher education, sports science, health promotion, sports management/administration/marketing, recreation/leisure and sports psychology.