Diploma in Statistics

Special Regulations for the Diploma in Statistics Programme

Subject to the General Academic Regulations 000 and 100, the following Special Departmental Regulations shall apply:

Direct Entry into the Diploma Programme

Students possessing an Ordinary Level pass with grade C or better in Mathematics, or an additional Mathematics paper are eligible for direct entry admission to the Diploma Programme; those who have a credit of C or better in the extended Mathematics option for BGCSE are also eligible for admission.

MPhil/PhD in Statistics

1. Special Departmental Regulations for the Master of Philosophy (MPhil)


Unless otherwise specified under the following special regulations, the general university regulations 50 shall apply were appropriate. However, should a conflict in interpretation of both regulations exist, these Special Departmental Regulations shall apply.

1.1: Entrance requirements for the Master of Philosophy in Statistics

1.1.1 The normal minimum entrance qualifications for a Master of Philosophy shall be a Master Degree in Statistics.

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

The Single Major Bachelor of Science Programme can be taken by students from the Faculty of Science as well as students from the Faculty of Social Sciences or any other faculty, provided they satisfy the requirements outlined below.

Special Regulations for the Single Major Bachelor of Science in Statistics Degree

Subject to General Regulation 20.00 and the relevant Faculty of Science Special Regulations, the following Department of Statistics Special Regulations shall apply:


The Department of Statistics came into existence at the Botswana Campus of the University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (UBLS) in 1972, in order to meet the need of producing professionally qualified manpower in the field of statistics.

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