Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Studies)

Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Studies) is a full-time professional programme extending over eight semesters. The Theatre Studies programme is a practical skills course that seeks to develop qualified theatre practitioners. Currently the programme focuses on four main areas of specialisation, namely Directing, Playwriting, Acting, Movement and Mime as well as Design and Technical Theatre. Students are introduced to the different specialities in second and third year, and can then begin to focus on their areas of interest.

Visual and Performing Arts

The establishment of the Visual and Performing Arts Programme in 2013 can be traced back to the formation of the University of Botswana Travelling Theatre (UBTT) in 1982 by the department of English. The idea was the brainchild of Dr VCD Mtubani and it was fully supported by the then head of department, Prof. FW Mnthali. The UBTT became quite a popular group through its performance of plays to both campus and outside audiences as the group travelled to various parts of the country performing at schools, village community halls and even the kgotla.

In pursuit of academic excellence