Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Studies)

Programme Structure

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Studies) is a full-time professional programme extending over eight semesters. The Theatre Studies programme is a practical skills course that seeks to develop qualified theatre practitioners. Currently the programme focuses on four main areas of specialisation, namely Directing, Playwriting, Acting, Movement and Mime as well as Design and Technical Theatre. Students are introduced to the different specialities in second and third year, and can then begin to focus on their areas of interest. Students may also take optional courses from other Departments such as Media Studies, English, Education and Industrial Design to augment their skills set. In order to graduate students must complete a minimum of 120 credits worth of courses, including GEC courses in IT and Communications (10 credits). A minimum of 80 credits must be VAPA core and optional coursesóincluding core courses offered in the Department of English at level 1 and optional courses housed under other departmentsówhile the remaining 40 credits can be electives. Where students have more than 120 credits, they must ensure that two thirds (2/3) of their credits are VAPA core and optional courses, while one third (1/3) are electives.


Level 100

BFA100 Introduction to the Theatre100 Core (3)
BFA121 Workshop Theatre I Core (3)
BFA102 Theatre in Botswana I (Origins) Core(3)
BFA122 Workshop Theatre II Core (3)
ENG121 Introduction to English Language Description and Usage (3)
ENG113 Introduction to Literature: Prose (3)
ENG131 Writing in English (3)
ENG123 Introduction to Literature: Drama and Poetry (3)

Semester one

COM111 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills I (Humanities) (3)
ICT121 Computer Skills Fundamentals I (3)

Semester two

COM112 Communication and Academic Literacy Skills II (Humanities) (3) CORE
ICT122 Computer Skills Fundamentals 2 (2) CORE

Level 200

BFA203 Acting, Movement & Mime I Core (3)
BFA205 Designs & Technical Theatre I Core (3)
BFA206 Theatre in Africa I Core (3)
BFA221 Production Workshop I Core (3)
BFA200 Theatre History I Core (3)
BFA202 Theatre in Botswana II Core (3)
BFA204 Playwriting Core (3)
BFA222 Production Workshop II Core (3)

Level 300

BFA309 Directing I Core (3)
BFA310 Dramatic Literature I [Africa] Core (3)
BFA312 Stage Management Core (3)
BFA313 Theatre Ethics Core (3)
BFA302 Theatre in Botswana [Theatre & Mass Media]Optional (3)
BFA303 Acting, Movement & Mime II Optional (3)
BFA304 Playwriting II Optional (3)
BFA305 Design & Technical Theatre II Optional (3)
BFA306 Theatre in Africa II Optional (3)
BFA308 American Theatre Optional (3)
BFA311 Playback Theatre Optional (3)
BFA314 Theatre History [Europe] Optional 3
BFA318 Theatre Attachment Core 3

Level 400

BFA400 Theatre History: Asia Optional (3)
BFA403 Acting, Movement & Mime III Optional (3)
BFA404 Playwriting III Optional (3)
BFA405 Design & Technical Theatre IIIOptional (3)
BFA406 Theatre & Society in Africa [Special Author] Optional (3)
BFA409 Advanced Directing Optional (3)
BFA410 Dramatic literature II [Europe] Optional (3)
BFA411 Theories of Modern Drama [1920-Present] Optional (3)
BFA412 Theatre Administration Optional (3)
BFA415 Drama-in-Education [DIE Optional (3)
BFA416 Senior Project Core (6 credits)
BFA418 Theatre & Tourism Optional (3)
BFA427 Development Theatre I Optional (3)
BFA428 Development Theatre II Optional (3)


All Practical courses are assessed on a 70% [practical exam] and 30% [CA] format. The practical examination is a semester-long/year-long extensive work on a theatre project that culminates in a performance.

This course will be assessed on a 60% [ensemble production] and 40% [CA] format

These are existing courses in the Department of English

These courses are part of ENG327 [Practical Theatre] and ENG417 [Theory and Practice of Drama] currently being offered in the Department of English

All practical courses shall, to a large degree be linked to workshops, festivals or other community activities


ALL142: The Study of Drama in Indigenous Languages 100 Optional 3 Credits
ARB121: Design Communication Optional 3 Credits
ARB123: History of Art Optional 3 Credits
COM111 Communication and Academic Literacy Skill GEC 3
MTK100 Principles of Marketing Optional 3 Credits
DSW207 Culture, Change and Social Work in
Botswana Optional 3 Credits
DTB222 Graphics Optional 3 Credits
EPP201 Art Introduction Optional 3 Credits
EPP202 Practical Arts Skills for the Teacher Optional 3 Credits
GEC200 GEC 2
GEC200 GEC 2
MTK200 Integrated Communications Optional 3
ALL343 Introduction to African Popular Theatre Optional 3
ALL352 Epic Performance in Africa Optional 3
BMS329 Developmental Communication Optional 3
BMS333 Radio Documentary Writing & Production Optional 3
BMS334 TV and Video Documentary Writing & Production Optional 3
DTB312 Aesthetics Optional 3
EPP302 Practical Skills in Teaching of Art Optional 3
GEC300 GEC 2
GEC300 GEC 2
HEE358 Fashion and Society Optional 3
HEE359 Design Fundamentals Optional 3
MKT304 Advertising (Prerequisite: MKT200) Optional 3
POP302 Research Methods Optional 3 Credits
ALL454 Childrenís Traditions and Dramatics Optional 3
BMS424 Radio Drama Script-writing & Production Optional 3
GEC400 GEC 2
HEE457 History and Conservation of Textiles Optional 3
PHR424 Movement & Creative Dance Technique Optional 3


All optional courses from other Departments are existing courses.

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