Master of Arts Degree in Theology and Religious Studies

Entry Requirements

The normal entry requirement shall be as stipulated in the School of Graduate Studies General Regulation 41.0 and 50.0 and Departmental Regulations 4.0 to 4.4.

Programme Structure

The programme structure will be as prescribed under General Regulations 40.61 and Departmental Regulations 5.2 to 5.6; 7.1 to 7.4.

Semester 1

Core course:

TRS 600 Research Methods

Optional courses:

a. Christian Theology:

TRS 601 Systematic Theology: Methodological Reflections

MPhil/PhD Degrees in Theology & Religious

Departmental Regulations for MPhil/PhD Degrees in Theology & Religious Studies


The Department of Theology & Religious Studies offers MPhil and PhD degrees by supervised research only in accordance with UB General Regulation 50.0.

Admission Requirements for MPhil Programme

Admission into the MPhil (Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy) programme shall be in accordance with Regulation 50.1 of the University General Regulations for Master’s and MPhil.

Theology and Religious Studies

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies, which is a fairly long established department in the Faculty of Humanities, offers full time programmes in BA Humanities (Combined and Single Major) and BA in Pastoral Studies. It also offers MA and MPhil/PhD programmes in the areas of Biblical Studies, Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy; these are on offer on a full time and a part time basis. The TRS Department prides itself of having among its faculty members internationally acclaimed scholars with strong teaching, research and community service backgrounds. 

In pursuit of academic excellence