The Department of Theology and Religious Studies, which is a fairly long established department in the Faculty of Humanities, offers full time programmes in BA Humanities (Combined and Single Major) and BA in Pastoral Studies. It also offers MA and MPhil/PhD programmes in the areas of Biblical Studies, Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy; these are on offer on a full time and a part time basis. The TRS Department prides itself of having among its faculty members internationally acclaimed scholars with strong teaching, research and community service backgrounds. 

The mission of the TRS Department is to explore the roles of theology, religion and philosophy in society. Focusing on almost all major religions of the world, the department explores the place of theology and religion in politics, health, environment, economics and various other facets of life. Its graduates therefore fit into various professions from teaching, institutional chaplaincy and counselling to international diplomacy and ministry in different religious bodies both in government and non-governmental organizations.


  • Make a substantial contribution through its various programmes, courses, research activities and academic links towards the development of human resources in Botswana and beyond. 
  • Indigenize and contextualize critical reflection and truth seeking in theology, biblical studies, religious studies, and philosophy.


A critical contributor and participant in the universal scholarship community through study and research in theology, biblical studies, religious studies and philosophy.

In pursuit of academic excellence