Master of Arts Degree in Theology and Religious Studies

Entry Requirements

The normal entry requirement shall be as stipulated in the School of Graduate Studies General Regulation 41.0 and 50.0 and Departmental Regulations 4.0 to 4.4.

Programme Structure

The programme structure will be as prescribed under General Regulations 40.61 and Departmental Regulations 5.2 to 5.6; 7.1 to 7.4.

Semester 1

Core course:

TRS 600 Research Methods

Optional courses:

a. Christian Theology:

TRS 601 Systematic Theology: Methodological Reflections

TRS 602 The Reformation and Counter- Reformation in Theological Perspective

TRS 603 Liberation Theologies in Developing Countries

TRS 604 Old Testament Hermeneutics

TRS 605 Biblical Hebrew for Beginners

TRS 606 New Testament Hermeneutics

TRS 607 Biblical Greek for Beginners

TRS 608 Christianity and African Culture

TRS 609 Christian Ethics and Social Issues

b. Religion and Philosophy:

TRS 620 African Divinities and Cosmologies

TRS 621 Hinduism :Its Essence and Development

TRS 622 Buddhism: Its Social History and Thought

TRS 623 Inter-Testamentary and Rabbinicm Judaism

TRS 624 A Critical Study of Islamic Sources

TRS 625 History of Christianity in Africa

TRS 626 Ethics and Religion

TRS 627 Philosophical Reflections on God

TRS 628 Religion and Society

TRS629 Debates in African Philosophy

Semester 2

Core course:

LIS 627 Research Methods And Proposals

Optional courses:

a. Christian Theology:

TRS 611 Modern and Contemporary Theologies

TRS 612 Major Themes in Reformation Theology

TRS 613 Theologies of Gender and Identity

TRS 614 Advanced Old Testament Hermeneutics

TRS 615 Hebrew Grammar and Translation

TRS 616 Advanced New Testament Hermeneutics

TRS617 Greek Grammar and Translation

TRS618 Theologies of African Independent Churches

TRS 619 Moral Theologies and Pluralism

b. Religion and Philosophy

TRS 630 African Traditional Religions in Contemporary Society

TRS 631 Hinduism in Modern Society

TRS 632 Buddhism in Modern World

TRS 633 Judaism and Modernity

TRS 634 Modern Muslim Society

TRS 635 History of Christianity in Botswana

TRS 636 Professional Ethics

TRS 637 Critical Philosophical Themes on Religion

TRS 638 Religion and Modernity

TRS 639 Rational Psychology

Semeseter 3

TRS 700 Desertation

Semester 4

TRS700 Desertation


Assessment shall be as per General Regulation 00.8 and Departmental Regulations 10.0.

In pursuit of academic excellence