Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

1.0 Programme Objectives

The objectives of the Graduate and Postgraduate Degree programmes in Chemistry are the following:

(a) To train students to acquire advanced skills and knowledge in the chemical sciences required by government, parastatals and the private sector

(b) To develop in students the creative flair and patience necessary to independ-ently

undertake and execute research work

(c) To kindle in students the desire to investigate indigenous natural resources derived from plants, animals, and minerals for development

MPhil/PhD Degrees in Chemistry

Regulations for the MPhil and PhD Programmes

1.0 Entrance Requirements

1.1 To be eligible to register for the MPhil Degree in Chemistry, applicants must satisfy one of the following requirements:

(a) A Single Major or Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from a recognized university or equivalent institution of higher learning with a minimum achievement of 3.5 GPA on a 5-point scale;

In pursuit of academic excellence