Master of Arts Programme in English

The English Department offers a graduate programme leading to the award of MA in English in one of the following areas of specialisation:

• English Language and Linguistics

• English Literature

• African Literature and Literature of Africans in the Diaspora

• Theatre Studies (Currently not offered)

Departmental Regulations for the MA in English

1.0 Entrance Requirements

Applicants must have the following minimum requirements to be considered:

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

Career Opportunities for Graduates of the Department of English

1.5.1 Career prospects for Bachelor of Arts Degree holders in English include professional employment in the fields of:
a) Education, teaching at secondary and tertiary levels or in the field of curriculum development in the Ministry of Education,
b) Print and Electronic Media,
c) Publishing,
d) Public Relations,
e) The Civil Service.


The Department of English is one of the largest and most vibrant at the University of Botswana. Students admitted into the Department are entitled to and, indeed, receive quality tuition in linguistic, literary and theatre studies. They are expected to enhance their learning experiences by participating in the Writers Workshop, including publishing their creative outputs in Mokwadi, the Workshop’s journal. Students also acquire valuable and long-lasting experiences from performing in The Travelling Theatre, the Department’s forum for aspiring actors and actresses.

In pursuit of academic excellence