MPhil/PhD Degrees in English

Admission Requirements

Admission to the MPhil programme shall be in accordance with Regulation 50.1.

Candidates must have obtained a single major or honours degree in English with an overall A or B average from a recognized university or equivalent institution of higher education. Candidates who have obtained a First or Upper Second Class in a combined major degree may be considered provided that they have achieved at least a B average in the subject English. Candidates who have obtained degrees in English but do not meet the requirements above may be admitted to the programme provided they undergo a departmental assessment to determine their eligibility to undertake the MPhil programme in English.

Admission into the PhD programme. To register for the PhD degree a candidate must have obtained an MA or MPhil degree in English from a recognized university. Candidates already registered for the MPhil programme may transfer to the PhD in accordance with the provisions of General Regulation

Duration of the Programme

The programme of study shall be as stipulated in General Regulation 50.5.

The programmes. The MPhil and PhD programmes shall consist of two courses in any of the Department’s four areas of graduate specialization: English Language and Linguistics, English Literature, African Literature and the Literature of Africans in the Diaspora, and Theatre Studies. The courses are:

ENG 800 Supervised Research and Thesis in English

ENG 900 Supervised research and Thesis in English (PhD)

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