Bachelor of Science in Physics with Meteorology

Entrance Requirements

Admission to the degree programme shall be as specified in the Faculty of Science Regulations 23.2.1 and 23.4

Award of Degree

To be awarded a degree, a candidate/student must have taken and passed all relevant courses as prescribed in Section 13 and must satisfy the University of Botswana Academic General Regulations 00.8 and 00.9 and Faculty of Science Special Regulation 20.

Master of Science Degree in Physics

Departmental Regulations for the Master of Science Degree in Physics

1.0 Entrance Requirements

1.1 To be admitted to the Master’s Degree Programme in Physics, the applicant should have completed either the Combined Major/ Minor, Combined Major/ Major or the Single Major Degree Programme in Physics offered at this University or equivalent institution, and obtained at least a second class, second division, or an equivalent qualification.

Bachelor of Science (Physics)

  • Single major programme
    (Departmental Regulation2.3.1), leading to the award of BSc (Physics).
  • Combined major/minor
    (Physics Major) (DepartmentalRegulation 2.3.2), leading to the award of BSc
  • Combined major/major programme
    (DepartmentalRegulation 2.3.3), leading to the award of BSc
  • Combined major/minor (Physics Minor)


The mission of the Physics Department embodies the pursuance of excellence in training physicists and other specialists and professionals, the enlightenment of the populace, relentless search for new knowledge, and fostering of intramural and extramural cooperation among scholars and professionals, spurred, principally, by the motivation to contribute significantly to efforts to solve Botswana's developmental needs and to address global environmental concerns.

In pursuit of academic excellence