Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)

Programme Regulations

This qualification is offered through full-time or part-time study. It is worth a total of 51 (255) credits.The degree is a course-based MEd offered as coursework and Dissertation. Course work will be assessed by continuous assessment (CA) only. On satisfactory completion of coursework, students shall progress into the Dissertation route. This qualification is conferred only after completing the course work and the supervised research.

Bachelor of Education (Educational Management)

Entrance Requirements

1.1.1. Applicants with a Diploma in Educational Management shall enter at Level 300 of the degree programme. Relevant work experience in an educational setting shall be an added advantage.
1.1.2. Applicants with a Diploma in Education or its equivalent shall be admitted into either Level 200 or 300 of the Degree Programme on the basis of accumulated credits in the area of educational management. Relevant work experience in an educational setting shall be an added advantage.

Bachelor of Primary Education (BPE)


The Bachelor of Primary Education (BPE) degree is a combined 4-year pre-service and in-service programme. The in-service component is part of the continuing professional development (CPD) of serving teachers committed to upgrading serving teachers with 21st century approaches to teaching. Depending on how much prior-learning a candidate has, they can enter at either level one hundred, two hundred of three hundred.

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