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Dr. Kagiso Ndlovu

Kagiso Ndlovu

Faculty of Science

Computer Science

Senior Lecturer

Location: 247/268
Phone: 3555313/5700
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PhD - Telemedicine, MSc. Computer Science, Hons. Socio-Informatics, BSc. Computer Science, Health Informatics Specialist

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Coordinator for the eHealth Research Unit at the University of Botswana. Background in health informatics, with specific training and expertise in socio-informatics, Computer Science and Project Management. Currently, holds a PhD in Telemedicine with UKZN in SA. Devoted most of the past 8 years working on health informatics research and capacity building initiatives in Botswana. Previous work focused on telemedicine and health informatics initiatives within resource-constraint environments. Also served as a Project Manager in 2014 for the implementation and scale-up of a Mobile Telemedicine solution (also known as Kgonafalo) under the Botswana Ministry of Health and Wellness, a research lead in 2015 on a telemedicine project funded by Microsoft Corporation, utilizing Television (TV) White Space technology to augment traditional broadband internet connectivity within healthcare facilities in Botswana and recently served as a research coordinator for a national school eye screening program (PEEK Vision) which was piloted on over 12,000 school going kids in Botswana. I am part of a team which completed the President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) funded Grant for Informatics and Telemedicine in Botswana where we built Capacity and Sustainable Programs in Health Informatics and Mobile Telemedicine through implementation of sustainable national scale-up models for telemedicine solutions as well as sustainable capacity building. 

Operating Systems, Systems Programming, Digital Health


Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, eHealth, Telemedicine, Health Informatics, eHealth Interoperability, Data Science

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