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Mr. Daniel Loeto

Daniel Loeto

Faculty of Science

Biological Science


Location: 235/254
Phone: 3552607
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I am a lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences here at the University of Botswana. My research interests include environmental microbiology, molecular genotyping and epidemiology of pathogenic microbes. My specific area of expertise is on the isolating and molecular identification of microbes of medical importance, as well as on molecular genotyping using various phenotypic and DNA based typing methods. I also evaluate traditional and synthetic products against pathogens. I am currently involved in various projects that use DNA sequencing of various loci to determine pathogenesis and epidemiology of emerging pathogens. In my projects DNA sequencing is used to type the organisms and elucidate genes involved in pathogenesis and elucidation of possible early detection platforms and biocontrol.

General Microbiology


Plant Pathology

Food Microbology

Foodborne pathogens and disease

Molecular mycology

Genetic structure of fungal pathogens

Evolution of Cryptococcus neoformans in Botswana

Extremophilic fungi

Industrial exploitation of fungi

Fungal evolution

Molecular mycology

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