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Dr. Gomotsang Bojase Moleta

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Faculty of Science


Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 237 Office 229
Phone: +267 355 2502
Email Dr. Gomotsang Bojase Moleta

PhD (Australian National University, Australia, 2010);

M.Sc (University of Botswana, 2001);

B.Sc (University of Botswana, 1998).

Organic Chemistry: synthesis and natural products chemistry

  1. Phytochemical investigation and bioactivity studies of local medicinal plants such as Bolusanthus speciosus, Garcinia Livingstonei, Baikiaea plurijuga
  2. Structural modifications of the isolated compounds with promising bioactivities.
  3. Investigation of the nutritional content of indigenous plants and their utilization for environmental management.

1. Phytochemical investigations of traditional medicinal plants

2. Organic synthesis of natural products with interesting bioactivities

1. Japheth O. Ombito, Gomotsang Bojase, Runner R.T. Majinda, Ishmael B. Masesane1, Anja, Schüffler, Stefan Pusch, Carina Weber and Till Opatz, 2020, Chemical constituents of the root wood of erythrina sacleuxii and determination of the absolute configuration of suberectin Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethopia, 34(1), 135-140.

2. Bojase, G.; Payne, A. D.; Willis, A. C.; Sherburn, M. S. 2008, One-step synthesis and exploratory chemistry of [5]dendralene. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 47, 910 – 912. This paper was selected by the editors as a “HOT PAPER”.

3. Payne, A. D.; Bojase, G.; Paddon-Row, M. N.; Sherburn, M. S. 2009, Practical synthesis of the dendralene family reveals alternation in behavior Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 48, 4836 – 4839. This paper was selected by editors as a “VERY IMPORTANT PAPER” and it was featured in Nature vol 460, 2009, under the heading Forgotten Hydrocarbons by Henning Hopf

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