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Mr. Lesolle D. Sebitla

LD Sebitla

Faculty of Science



Location: 208/226
Phone: (+267) 355 2139
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BSc (Physics) - University of Botswana

MSc (Physics) - University of Botswana

Geometrical Optics and Mechanics

Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics

Energy & Society 

Nuclear Rules & Regulations 

Fundamentals of Nuclear Energy  

Research Projects in Radiation & Health Physics 

Supervising Winter Internships




Nuclear Waste Materials & Encapsulation

Radiation Physics,

Environmental Radiation Monitoring,

Quantum Physics

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  2. Lesolle Sebitla. “A General Potential and Redundant Poles for the S-Matrix”. IJMS, Vol. 28, No. 2 (2017) 47 - 50.
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  4. T.T. Hlatshwayo, L.D. Sebitla, E.G. Njoroge, M. Mlambo, J.B. Malherbe. “Annealing effects on the migration of ion-implanted cadmium in glassy carbon”. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 395 (2017) 34 - 38.

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