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Dr. Nyaladzi Palalani

Dr N. Palalani

Faculty of Science



Location: (+267) 3552880
Phone: (+267) 76085631
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BSc, Physics (University of Botswana, UB)

PGDE, (University of Botswana, UB)

Masters of Nuclear Science, (The Australian National University, ANU)

PhD (Nuclear Physics),  (The Australian National University, ANU)

Undergraduate Physics courses: Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Radiation and Health Physics.

PostGraduate Physics courses: Nuclear Structure theory

Experimental & theoretical/Computational  nuclear physics, Nuclear structure mainly gamma-spectroscopy, Environmental radiation monitoring, radiation detection & protection. Radiation & Health Physics. My current research involves characterisation of individual quantum states in nuclei, using gamma-rays and time-correlated techniques, and data from heavy-ion nuclear reactions (eg fusion,  multi-nucleon transfer reactions, etc).

My research interests are mainly on the study of the properties of individual quantum states in nuclei,(characterisation) using gamma-ray and time-correlated techniques. The research involves analysis of accelerator-generated data from heavy-ion nuclear reactions. At present, the main focus is on the structures of deformed nuclei (A~180), in a region where excited multi-quasiparticle intrinsic states compete with collective (rotational and vibrational ) quantum states.

In pursuit of academic excellence