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Prof. Read Brown Mthanganyika Mapeo

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Faculty of Science


Associate Professor

Location: Block 242A, Room 42
Phone: +267 355 5590; +267 72 702114
Email Prof. Read Brown Mthanganyika Mapeo

1980-1985 BSc Geology (University of Botswana)

1988-1992 PhD (University of Southampton, United Kingdom)


*Attended many courses on Management, GIS, and Mineral Evaluation. 

Prof Mapeo began his carrier in geosciences with the Botswana Geological Survey (now Botswana Geoscience Institute) in 1985 in regional geological mapping projects. He rose to be the Head of the Regional Geology Mapping Division in charge of training,research and staff management. He specializes in structural geology, regional geology and remote sensing and is based at the University of Botswana(from 1999 to present) where he teach course on Strucural Geology, African Geology and Remote Sensing. Reseach activities encompass the regional, geochronological and tectonic geology of southern Africa. As part of this work, he has ben a mentor to many young graduates. At the University of Botswana he has been member of Senate, Member of the faculty of Science Excetive Board, and sat in the Fucalty of Science Appointment, Promotion and Review Committee. He has worked with research teams from the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, DRC, Australia, India and Denmark.

Professional Memberships

1. Editor in Chief-Journal of African Earth Sciences.

2. Geological Society of Africa-Life Membership

3.Botswana Geoscientist Association

4. Editorial Board-Botswana Geoscience Institute

5. Member of South African Council for Natural Professions (Pr. Sc. Nat)

6. Member Election Body of IUGS

7. Geological Society of South Africa

1. Structural Geology

2. Tectonics

3. General Geology Courses

5. Remote Sensing

1. Geology of NW Botswana Rift and the Tsodilo Hills

2. Deformation of the Molopo Farms Complex

3. Geochemistry of selected sedimentary Sequences in Botswana

3. The Limpopo River Basin Morphometry and Neotectonics

1. One Moses (MSc, Geospatial Science)

2. Mmaditshelo Radinoga (MPhl-Geology and geochemistry)

3. Tshenolo Segobaetso (MSc, Hydrogeology)

4. Nyaladzi Phusumane (MPhl- Structure and Tectonics)

5. Donald Ntema (MPhl- Structural Geology and Tectonics)

1. Mapeo, R.B.M., Wendorff, M., Ramokate, L.V., Armstrong, R.A., Mphinyane, T., Koobokile, M., 2019. Zircon geochronology of basement granitoid gneisses and sedimentary rocks of the Tsodilo Hills Group in the Pan African Damaran Belt, western Botswana: age constraints, provenance, and tectonic setting. Journal of African Earth Sciences; Http://

2.Franchi, F., Mapeo, R.B.M., 2019. Evolution of an Archean intracratonic basin: A review of the Transvaal Supergroup lithostratigraphy in Botswana. Earth Science Reviewes 191, 273-290.

3. McCourt, S., Armstrong, R.A., Jelsma, H., Mapeo, R.B.M (2013). New U-Pb SHRIMP ages from Lubango region, SW Angola: insights into the Paleoproterozoic evolution of the Angolan Shield, southern Congo Craton, Africa. Journal of the Geological Society of London 170, 353-363, DOI: 10.1144/jgs2012-059.

4. Handbook of Research on Geospatial Science and Technologies. Editors: Maphanyane, J.G., Mapeo, R.B.M and Akinola M.

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