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Prof. Jeremy Perkins

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Faculty of Science

Environmental Science

Associate Professor

Location: 242A/035
Phone: n/a
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BSc Geography (Hons) (First) University of Sheffield, UK

PhD Geography, University of Sheffield,Sheffield UK


Jem Perkins has over twenty years of experience in Botswana and southern Africa. He first came to Botswana in 1988 to do his PhD on the environmental and social impact of cattle keeping in the eastern Kalahari.

He returned to Botswana in 1992 and worked at UB (ES) for 8 years, before working as an environmental consultant for 5 years, before returning to ES at UB.


Introduction to Environmental Science (ENS 101)

Rangeland Monitoring and Management (ENS 312/412)

Masters level teaching in Rangeland ecology and management, land use planning and wildlife management.


Co-existence between wildlife and livestock, wildlife management, CBNRM, sustainable development, sand rivers (Environmental flows), climate change adaptation, EIA

Very broad but typically emphasis is on biophysical aspects of the Project - as above


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Perkins, J.S. (2019) ‘Only Connect’: Restoring Resilience in the Kalahari Ecosystem. Journal of Environmental Management. Volume 249, 1 November 2019, 109420.

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