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Mr Sankwasa Chika

Sankwasa Chika

Faculty of Science



Location: 246/S109
Phone: 3552146
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Bsc (UB); PGDE (UB); MSc (Surrey)

Mr Chika is a programme Coordinator and lecture of Radiation and Health Physics. He joined UB in year 2014.

Radiation Detection and Instrumentation

Radiation Protection and Dosimetry

Introduction to Radiography

Environmental radioactivity

Radon measurements

Nuclear waste monitoring

Daar, E., Al Mugren, K. S., Chika, S., Barnes, S., and Bradley, D. A. (2015), XRF measurements of Zn, Sr and Pb in archaeological bone. X‐Ray Spectrom., 44, 129134. doi: 10.1002/xrs.2589.

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