Staff Profiles

Dr. Gabofetswe Malema

G. Malema

Faculty of Science

Computer Science

Senior Lecturer

Location: 247/273
Phone: 4263
Email Dr. Gabofetswe Malema

PhD Computer Engineering

MS Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

BS Computer Engineering

Snr Lecturer: University of Botswana (2013 - present)

Lecturer: University of Botswana (2000 - 2013)


Data structures

Computer Architecture


Discrete Structures


Research Methods

Operating Systems

Natural Language Processing

Computer Architecture



Natural Language Processing


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G. Malema, M. Motlhanka, B. Okgetheng, N. Motlogelwa,"Setswana Noun Analyzer adn Generator",International Journal of Computational Linguistics, Vol 9, Issue 2, pp. 32--40, June 2018

G. Malema, N. Motlogelwa, B. Okgetheng, O. Mogotlhwane,"Setswana Verb Analyzerand Generator", International Journal of Computational Linguistics (IJCL), vol 7, Issue 1, August 2016, pp. 1 -- 11

G. Malema, " Flexible High-Girth QC-LDPC Codes, "International Journal of Computer Science and Applications", vol. 01, Issue 01, pp. 19-25, August 2012

G. Malema and M. Liebelt,"Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes of Column-Weight Two using a Search Algorithm,"European Journal of Advances in Signal Processing", Vol 2007, Article ID 45768, 8 pages, 2007

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