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Prof. Girija Singh

Professor G. S. Singh

Faculty of Science



Location: Block 237 Office 227
Phone: +267 355 2501
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M. Sc. (Chemistry), Ph. D. (Chemistry)

Professor Singh was awarded Ph. D. degree of Banaras Hindu university, Varanasi, India in 1984. Since then he is in the area of teaching and research. He has conducted post-doctoral research in Japan and India. He has taught in India and Zambia beside Botswana. He has over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals and edited books with 2200+ citations. He is a member of the professional societies like American Chemical Society, Indian Chemical Society and Chemical Research Society of India. He is fellow of the International Science Community Association. He is a regular reviewer for many prestigious organic chemistry journals.

General chemistry, organic chemistry, organic synthesis design, reactive intermediates, molecular rearrangements, bioorganic molecules, biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, etc.

Synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry especially synthesis of heterocyclic compounds of biological interest, chemistry of ketenes and carbenoids.

Professor Singh has supervised M. Sc. and Ph. D. students on the reactions of ketenes and carbenoids leading to the synthesis of spiro-oxindoles and beta-lactams.

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