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Mr. Phillip Monowe

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Faculty of Science


Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 208, Office No. 225
Phone: (+267) 3552877;(+267) 71626187
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BEd(Science) [UB];

MPhil [Wales]

Full Name                          :           Phillip Monowe

Date of Birth                     :           19 September 1964

Place of Birth                   :           Mochudi, Botswana

Citizenship                       :           Botswana

National ID Number.        :           905 810 600

  • Electromagnetism & Electrodynamics;
  • Electronics;
  • Classical Mechanics;
  • Laser Physics/Optoelectronics/Quantum Electronics;
  • Renewable Energy Physics

  • Material Science (thin film materials for application in solar energy; dye-sensitized solar cells)
  • Solar Radiation (regional solar radiation measurements, simulation and modelling)

Material science: dye-sensitized solar cells

  1. P.V.C. Luhanga, C. Muiva, S.H. Coetzee, K. Maabong. L. Tiedt and P. Monowe, (2016) “Optical properties of highly oriented nanostructured CuI (111) thin films”, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials,18(9-10): 837-841
  2. K. Maabong, C.M. Muiva, P. Monowe, T.S. Sathiaraj, M. Hopkins, L. Nguyen, K. Malungwa and M. Thobega, (2015) “Natural pigments as photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells with TiO2 thin films”. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, 5(1): 54-60
  3. N. Nijegorodov, V. Vasilenko, P. Monowe, D.P. Winkoun and J.G. King, (2012), “Irregular Behaviour of Fluorescence and Laser Properties of 9 and 9,10 Derivatives of Anthracene.” Current Chemical Research, 2(1): 31-41
  4. P. Monowe, M. Masale, N. Nijegorodov and V. Vasilenko, (2011) “A portable single-basin solar still with an external reflecting booster and an outside condenser” Desalination, 280(1-3): 332-338

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