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Dr. P. Kaelo

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Faculty of Science


Senior Lecturer

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BSc, MSc, PhD (Mathematics)


Optimal Control

Numerical Analysis

Differential Equations


Nonlinear Programming

Global Optimization

Calculus of Variations

Optimal Control

Numerical Analysis

Monotone Nonlinear Equations

1. Kaelo, P., Mtagulwa, P. and Thuto, M.V., A globally convergent hybrid conjugate gradient method with strong Wolfe conditions for unconstrained optimization, Mathematical Sciences (Springer) 14(1) (2020), 1--15

2. Koorapetse, M. and Kaelo, P., Self adaptive spectral conjugate gradient method for solving nonlinear monotone equations, Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society 28:4, 2020.

3. Mtagulwa, P. and Kaelo, P.,  An efficient modified PRP-FR hybrid conjugate gradient method for solving unconstrained optimization problems, Applied Numerical Mathematics 145 (2019), 111--120.

4. Kaelo, P., A Hybrid Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method for Unconstrained Optimization Problems, Pacific Journal of Optimization 12(4)  (2016), 847--859.

5. Ali, M.M. and Kaelo, P., Improved particle swarm algorithm for global optimization, Applied Mathematics and Computation 196(2) 2008, 578--593.


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