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Dr. Mosalagae Vincent Thuto

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Faculty of Science



Location: Block 232 office 234
Phone: +267 3552951(o)/72202154(c)
Email Dr. Mosalagae Vincent Thuto

PhD (Applied Mathematics)

Gender: Male


Real Analysis, Control theory, Optimization, Functional Analysis

Control theory, Optimization and Functional Analysis

Refereed Journal Papers:


Ilchmann A., Thuto M.V. & Townley S. (2003), Input constrained adaptive  tracking with applications to  exothermic chemical reaction models, SIAM, Vol 43, No 1, pp 154-173, 2003.


Ilchmann A., Thuto M.V. & Townley S. (2005), Adaptive sampled-data tracking for input constrained exothermic chemical reaction models,  Systems & Control Letters, No 54, pp 1149-1161, 2005.


Zegeye H & Thuto M.V. (2013)., Interative solutions of nonlinear integral equations of Hammerstein type,  Internal Journal of Analysis and Applications, Vol 9, No 2, 129-141, 2015


Chaturvedi N & Thuto M.V. (2014) Redundant pole and S-matrix for general Potential, Journal of International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering, Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization, Vol 4, No 11, 2014



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