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Prof. Berhanu Alemaw

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Faculty of Science



Location: Block 236, Office 233
Phone: +267 355 2539
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oPhD Hydrology and Water Resources -1999

MSc Water Resources Engineering - 1995

BSc Civil Engineering - 1990


Member IAHS – International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Member No. 5764 (since 1997)
Founding Member: Africa Groundwater Professionals Network (AGW-Net) (since 2008) [Link: ht

25 Mar 2014-Present- Professor 
Recent- Coordinator of Water Systems Analysis Group
29 Nov 2011-Mar 2014- Associate Professor 
2007-Nov 2011- Senior Lecturer 
2001-2007- Lecturer


Undergraduate level:

GEO 205 Introduction to Hydrogeology
GEO 203 Remote sensing applied to Geology

Postgraduate level:

GEO 602 Surface Water and Vadoze-Zone Hydrology
GEO 605 Remote-Sensing and GIS Applications in Hydrogeology
GEO 607 Integrated Water Resources Management
GEO 610 Stochastic hydrology
GEO 701 Supervised Research and Dissertation
GEO 900 Supervised Research and Dissertation

  • Surface water and vadose zone hydrology (including hydraulics of open channel and pressurized flow systems)
  • Hydrological risk analysis in hydrological and water resources/ bulk water supply systems
  • Integrated water resources management and modeling
  • Optimization, modeling and assessment of climate change, water and civil infrastructure development(dam, water supply, sanitation, irrigation, industry etc)
  • GIS and remote sensing-based modelling of hydrologic and hydraulic systems

Rainfall – runoff modelling and storage capacity determination for excess runoff harvesting in urbanized watersheds- the case of Notwane subbasin from calibrated HEC – HMS model
Surface and ground water resources optimisation- a case study of Greater Gaborone Region
Rainfall Characteristics and Drought Regimes of Botswana
Water Resource Evaluation and Modelling of Motloutse Alluvial Water Course - A case study of Tobane River reach
Optimization of water resources and water supply in Palapye, etc

1. Alemaw, B.F. 2012. Integrated Modelling and Assessment Systems: Development and Application for Water Resources Variability and Climate Change Evaluation in Southern Africa, ISBN. 978 3 8473 1684 8, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany. pp.284
2. Matondo, J., Alemaw, B.F. Sandwidi, J.P. (2020). Climate Variability and Change Research in Africa – Perspectives and Experiences. Sustainable Development Goals Series. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, ISBN: 978-3-030-31542-9. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-31543-6 pp.208


More than 36 publications

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Examples are:

1. Solomon Owolabi, Kakaba Madi, Ahmed M Kalumba, Berhanu F. Alemaw (2019), Assessment of Buffalo watershed with respect to streamflow variability, J. Environmental Earth Sciences Vol.(0123456789), Environmental Earth Sciences (2020) 79187
3.B.F Alemaw, N Sebusang, 2017. Climate Change an

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