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Dr. Modise Wiston

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Faculty of Science



Location: 208//221
Phone: +355 2135
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MSc (Physics) -UB

PhD (Atmospheric Science) -Manchester

Atmospheric physics

climate modelling 

Climatology and climate change 

Climate modelling


Atmospheric pollution

Air quality & human health

Postgraduate supervision: Regional climate modelling


Wiston, M. (2017). Status of air pollution in Botswana: significance to air quality and human health. 

Mphale, KM, Adedoyin, AA. Nkoni, G. Ramaphane, G. Wiston, M. (2017) Analysis of temperature data over semi-arid Botswana: trends and break points  

Wiston, M. Montsho, M. (2018) Assessment of local pollution influence on the weather and impact on the air quality over subtropical southern Africa. 

Wiston, Mphale, KM. (2018) Weather Forecasting: From the early weather wizards to modern-day weather predictions 

Wiston, M. Sebitla, LD. Tatolo, G. (2018) Trace components, tropospheric interactions and their influence on air quality composition over southern Africa

Wiston, M. Mphale, KM, (2019) Mesoscale Convective Systems: A case scenario of the 'heavy rainfall' event of 15-20 January 2013 over southern Africa. Climate

Wiston, M. (2019) An overview of the swell dynamics and their implications over Africa: significance to climate change and forcing

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