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Dr. Gontlafetse Mosweunyane

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Faculty of Science

Computer Science


Location: Building 232, Office 224
Phone: 355-4343
Email Dr. Gontlafetse Mosweunyane

BSc(Computer Science), University of Botswana;

MSc(Computing Science), University of Manchester Institute for Science and Technology;

PhD(Computer Science), University of Southampton.

Files and Database systems, Information Retrieval, Requirements Engineering and Knowledge Management

Dr Mosweunyane's main research interest is in data storage and access, either using Database Systems and their access methods, or using Information Retrieval methods. She has worked on projects on organization and access of e-Health Data. She is specifically interested in assisting end-users, through the intelligence of computing, in managing their data collections for better access, manipulation and effective utilization while carrying out tasks.

- e-health data manipulation

- SQL and Database systems

- Any Information Retrieval tasks

- Data modelling


Eyitayo A. O., Mokotedi P. A., Mosweunyane G. & Eyitayo O. T. (2001), WEBSECAT: A Low-Overhead Internet-Based Teaching and Course Evaluation System. Botswana Journal of Technology, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 8-15. 

Moeng, B, Ayalew Y, Mosweunyane G (2012),  An Experimental Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Ontology Construction Tools, Proceedings of the Fourth IASTED Health Informatics Conference, September 3-5, 2012, Gaborone, Botswana, pp. 339-346.

Gontlafetse Mosweunyane, Tebogo Seipone, Tallman Z. Nkgau, and Onalenna J Makhura (2014), Design of a USSD System for TB Contact Tracing, Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference Health Informatics (AfricaHI 2014), September 1 - 3, 2014 Gaborone, Botswana, pp. 346-350.

Yirsaw Ayalew, Barbara Moeng and Gontlafetse Mosweunyane, Experimental evaluation of ontology-based HIV/AIDS frequently asked question retrieval system, Health Informatics Journal, Vol. 25(4), 2019, pp. 1434–1450.

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