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Dr. Tlhabologo Moses Kabomo

Tlhabologo M Kabomo

Faculty of Science



Location: Block 237 Office 245
Phone: +267 355 2485
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BSc (University of Botswana), MSc (University of Missouri-Rolla), MBA (University of Botswana), PhD (University of the Witwatersrand)

Dr Tlhabologo M Kabomo is a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry. His academic interests are in the areas of synthesis of materials for catalysis, polymers and chemical education. His current research includes finding alternative ways of reducing the environmental burden of plastics and coal fly ash disposal by converting them into useful and value-adding materials. He also works on nanofibrous material for water treatment. Dr Kabomo is passionate about public science awareness and often publishes articles in the local newspapers discussing science and technology issues with an impact on our daily lives.

Polymer Chemistry

General Chemistry

Physical Chemistry (in particular Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics)

Synthesis of materials for catalysis


Chemical education

Catalytic pyrolysis of waste plastic

Polymeric nanofibers for water purification

Conversion of coal fly ash to aluminosilicates (zeolites and geopolymers) and their uses


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