Staff Profiles

Dr. Tlou Mosekiemang

Faculty of Science

Environmental Science


Location: Block 236 Room 225
Phone: +267 355 2531

PhD (Chemistry), Stellenbosch University (2021)

MSc (Environmental Science) University of Botswana (2013)

BSc (Applied Chemistry) RMIT University, Melbourne Australia (2008)

Dr Mosekiemang is an environmental chemist with research interest in separation science (liquid & supercritical chromatography), mass spectrometry and method development and/or validation for the detection of novel organic pollutants in wastewater. His expertise is on instrumental analysis in particular application of novel separation methods to detect organic pollutants in very complex samples. Dr Mosekiemang's research group focuses on all aspects of environmental instrumental analysis. In particular wide scope screening for novel aquatic pollutants in aquatic ecosystems. 

ENS 252 - Botswana Environment 

ENH 321 - Environmental Health Sampling and Analysis (School of Public Health)

ENS 348 - Analytical Methods in Environmental Quality Management 

ENS 448 - Environmental Quality Management for Water and Waste 

ENS 642 - Applied Environmental Toxicology 

ENS 648 - Pollution Control and Resource Recovery

Environmental Analysis, Aquatic Chemistry, High Resolution and Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Liquid and Supercritical Chromatography

Analytical method development and validation

Detection and quantification of organic pollutants in aquatic streams particularly wastewater

Modie, L.T., Kenabatho, P.K., Stephens, M., Mosekiemang, T. (2022). Investigating groundwater and surface water interactions using stable isotopes and hydrochemistry in the Notwane River Catchment, South East Botswana. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 40, 101014

Mosekiemang T.T., Stander M.A., de Villiers, A. (2021). Ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography coupled to travelling wave ion mobility-time of flight mass spectrometry for the screening of pharmaceutical metabolites in wastewater samples: Application to antiretrovirals, Journal of Chromatography A 1660, 462650

Mosekiemang, T.T., Stander, M.A., de Villiers, A. (2019). Simultaneous quantification of commonly prescribed antiretrovirals and their selected metabolites in aqueous environmental samples by direct injection and solid phase extraction liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Chemosphere 220, 983-992



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