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Dr. Abebe Regassa Tufa


Faculty of Science


Senior Lecturer

Location: Block 208, Office 219
Phone: 355-2546
Email Dr. Abebe Regassa Tufa

  • BEd (Mathematics), Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, 2004.
  • MSc (Mathematics), Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 2008.
  • PhD ( Mathematics, Analysis), University of Botswana, Botswana, 2017

Dr. Abebe Tufa obtained a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics from Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia) in 2004, where due to his excellent academic track was appointed immediately afterwards as Graduate Assistant in the department of mathematics. His university has sponsored his formation in Addis Ababa University to obtain MSc in 2008. Afterwards, he has been teaching as Lecturer again at Bahir Dar University until he joined University of Botswana in February 2014 for PhD study sponsored by Simon's Foundation. The last two years of his study was also sponsored by the International Mathematics Union (IMU) Breakout Graduate Fellowship: A competitive fellowship offered a limited number of grants for excellent PhD students from Developing countries. He obtained his PhD degree in mathematics from UB in 2017 and rejoined Bahir Dar University as Assistant Professor.

 Dr. Tufa joined University of Botswana as a lecturer in January 2019. Currently, he is one of the academic staffs at UB who is actively engaging himself in the research activities and community services besides teaching in the department of Mathematics. He is also a reviewer in several international mathematics journals such as Afrika Matematika (Springer), Advances in Mathematical Physics (Hindawi) and Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics (Springer). 


Calculus, Applied Mathematics Courses, Real Analysis, Functional Analysis, Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra and Optimization. 

  • ​​​Fixed Point Theory/Functional Analysis,
  • Real Analysis,
  • Operator Theory,
  • Control Theory,
  • Optimization.

  • Fixed Point Theory/Functional Analysis,
  • Real Analysis,
  • Optimization.

  1. Abebe R. Tufa and H. Zegeye: Ishikawa Iterative Process for Hemicontractive Multi-valued Non-self Mappings in CAT (0) Spaces, RACSAM 113, 157–169 (2019).
  2. O. Daman, Abebe R. Tufa and H. Zegeye: Approximating solutions of Hammerstein type equations in Banach spaces, Quaestiones Mathematicae 42(5), 561-577 (2019).
  3. H. Zegeye and Abebe R. Tufa: Halpern-Ishikawa Type Iterative Method for Approximating Fixed points of Non-self pseudocontractive Mappings, Fixed Point Theory Appl., 2018, 15 (2018).
  4. Abebe R. Tufa, H. Zegeye and M. Thuto: Convergence Theorems for Non-self-Mappings in CAT (0) Spaces. Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 8(6), 705722 (2017).
  5. Abebe R.Tufa and Zegeye: Krasnoselskii-Mann Method for Multi-valued Non-self Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces. Filomat 31(14), 4629−4640 (2017).
  6. Abebe R. Tufa and H. Zegeye: Mann and Ishikawa-Type Iterative Schemes for Approximating Fixed Points of Multi-valued Non-self Mappings, Mediterr. J. Math. 13(6), 43694384 (2016).

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