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Dr Kegomoditswe Koitsiwe

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Faculty of Science



Location: Block 242B/017
Phone: 355 5008
Email Dr Kegomoditswe Koitsiwe

Bachelor of Science (Geology), UB

MSc and PhD in Mineral Economics, Akita, Japan

Ore Geology

Economic Geology

Mineral Exploration

Mineral Commodity Price Ananlysis (market analysis)

Mineral Resources and Economic Development (Resource Curse, Local Content, Mineral and Mining Policy)

Critical Minerals



1. Koitsiwe, K., and Adachi, T., (2015) Relationship between mining revenue, government consumption, exchange-rate and economic growth in Botswana

2. Koitsiwe, K., and Adachi, T., (2015) Australia mining boom and dutch disease

3. Koitsiwe, K.,and Adachi, T., (2017) Linkages between mining and non-mining sectors in Botswana

4. Koitsiwe, K and Adach, T., (2018) The Role of financial speculation in copper prices

In pursuit of academic excellence