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Mr Kago Dikomang

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Faculty of Science



Location: 237/206
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BSc (Chemistry & Mathematics, UB), MSc (PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY, UB)

i have studied in  UB from 2001 to 2003, went to persue a diploma in health science from University College Dublin, the completed my bachelor of science in mathematics and chemistry at the  University of Botswana. i studied Msc (physical chemistry) from 2014 graduating in 2019.

Quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, molecular spectroscopy & experimental physical chemistry

Research in theoretical & computational chemistry using  gausssian software package suit, examples of molecules for which computations are being done include dimethyl furan, and a series of n-alkonols. Performing computational jobs on the later structures  like  energy optimisations, DFT IR, GIAO NMR, potential energy surface scan, time dependent DFT, Hartree Fock, MP2, coupled cluster, configuration interaction models e.t.c

optimization, molecular interactions, computational IR & GIAO nmr spectroscopy... e.t.c

In pursuit of academic excellence