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Dr. Moikwathai Moidaki

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Faculty of Science


Senior Lecturer

Location: block 208, office# 223
Phone: 3552137
Email Dr. Moikwathai Moidaki

BSc (Physics) UB

MSc (Physics) UB

PhD (Geology and Geophysics) Missouri University of Science and Technology

exploration geophysics, potential fields, earthquake seismology, and general physics

1) Crust and deep crustal structures: insights from teleseismic receiver functions and shear wave splitting.

2) Environmental geophysics

General physics

Exploration geophysics

Earthquake seismology

Potential fields (gravity and magnetics)

1. Rubeni T. Ranganai , Moikwathai Moidaki , · J. G. King,   Zibisani B. Bagai. (2017), Geophysical and Hydrogeological Groundwater Prospectivity Mapping in the Kraaipan Granite-Greenstone Terrain, Southeast Botswana. Journal of Water Resource and Protection 09(11):1270-1298.

2. Yu, Y.*, K.H. Liu, Z. Huang, D. Zhao, C.A. Reed*, M. Moidaki*, J. Lei, and S.S. Gao (2016), Mantle structure beneath the incipient Okavango Rift Zone in southern Africa,
Geosphere, 13, 1-10, doi: 10.1130/GES01331.1.

3. Rubeni T. Ranganai, Moikwathai Moidaki & James G. King. Magnetic Susceptibility of Soils from Eastern Botswana: A Reconnaissance Survey and Potential Applications. Journal of Geography and Geology; Vol. 7, No. 4; 2015. ISSN 1916-9779   E-ISSN 1916-9787. Received: October 14, 2015 &nb

4. Moidaki M (2014), Rift-parallel magmatic dykes beneath the Midcontinent Rift; insights from shear-wave splitting analysis. Advanced Journal of Physical Sciences, Vol. 3(2), pp.19-30

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