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Dr. Mosimanegape Jongman

Dr Mosimanegape Jongman

Faculty of Science

Biological Science


Location: 235/238
Phone: (+267) 355 2588
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I am an academic/researcher in applied microbiology & plant pathology with specific focus on food safety and human pathogens. These areas include microbial biomes, pre- & postharvest microbiology, antimicrobial resistance & biocontrol, & mushroom biotechnology. The research includes, but not limited to, rapid molecular detection and source tracking of human pathogens, and gene expression analysis.

Food microbiology (BIO 418)

Medical microbiology (BIO 419)

Plant Pathology (BIO 420)

Bacteriology (BIO 310)




Microbiomes and human pathogens along the food chain

Pre and post harvest microbiology

Alternative antimicrobial agents

MSc Students: 

Eunicah Seetswane- Genetic diversity of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Botswana

Kgomotso Tshekiso-  Molecular characterization and antifungal resistance profiles of arboreal associated Cryptococcus neoformans in Botswana

Kenosi Kebabonye- Cryptococcus gattii’s ecological niche modeling, genetic profiling and source tracking in people living with HIV

Jongman, M, Carmichael, PC, Bill, M. 2020. Technological advances in phytopathogen detection and metagenome profiling techniques. Current Microbiol, 77(4):675-681, doi: 10.1007/s00284-020-01881-z

Carmichael, PC, Siyoum, N, Jongman, M, Korsten, L. 2018. Detection and quantification of Botrytis cinerea on table grapes at preharvest using ddPCR. Scientia, 239: 57-63

Jongman, M, Khare KB, Loeto, D. 2018. Oyster mushroom cultivation at different production systems: A review. Euro J Biomed Pharm Scie, 5 (5):72-79

Jongman, M, Chidamba, L, Korsten, L. 2017. Bacterial biomes and potential human pathogens in irrigation water and leafy greens from different production systems described using pyrosequencing. J Appl Microbiol, 123: 1043-1053

Jongman, M, Korsten, L. 2016. Genetic diversity and antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli isolates from different leafy green production systems. J Food Prot, 79 (11): 1846-1853

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