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Prof. Paul Chukwuemeka Adiukwu

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Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Pharmacy

Coordinator, School of Pharmacy

Location: Block 244H; Room 124
Phone: +2673555737
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B. Pharm., M.Sc. Pharm. Chem. (UI, Nigeria); WAPCP I (WA); Ph.D. (MUST, Uganda); MPSN (Nigeria)

Professor Adiukwu Chukwuemeka Paul is the Coordinator of the School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Science, University of Botswana. Prior to this position, he was the Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department, School of Pharmacy, University of Health and Allied Sciences Ho Ghana, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Mount Kenya University, Thika Kenya and Head of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda.

He practiced as a Hospital Pharmacist at the Federal Medical Centre in Bida, Nigeria where he rose to the position of a Principal Pharmacist.  At a point in time, during this period, he served as the Pharmacist in Charge of the Pharmacy Department in the same health institution. His experience in the Hospital sector includes his period as the Chief Pharmacist at KIU Teaching Hospital in Uganda. He also served as a diplomatic volunteer under the United Nations supported Technical Assistance Corps of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His research and academic experience span through notable universities in Africa, including National University of Lesotho. He was an Associate Researcher in-charge of Human Focused Researches in the Research and Innovative Unit of Mount Kenya University, Kenya.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

                           1. Analysis

                           2. Medicinal

  • Bio-prospecting for medicinal principles using instrumental/non-instrumental techniques and pharmacological skills in identifying, isolating and characterizing bioactive components of plant origin.
  • Bioanalytical techniques in drug monitoring and pharmacokinetic profiling.
  • Molecular synthesis of therapeutic agents from natural (herbal) origin.
  • Pharmaceutical and Phytochemical Analysis

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Ethnopharmacology

Ongoing Research:

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of DTG in HIV-infected individuals.

  • Joseph Adu-Amankwaah, .. Paul Chukwuemeka Adiukwu, ... Prevalence and Morphological Types of Anaemia among Children Under-Five Years in the Volta Regional Hospital of Ghana. Open Access Library Journal, 2018
  • Paul Chukwuemeka Adiukwu, et al. Ultraviolet spectroscopic evaluation of bioactive saponin fraction from the aqueous extract of Vernonia amygdalina [Asteraceae] leaf. Int. J. Biol. Chem. Sci., 2017; 11(4): 1893- 1902
  • P.C. Adiukwu, et al. Physical Characterization of Chromatographic Components from the bioactive aqueous fraction of Vernonia amygdalina. Br. J. Pharmacol. Toxicol, 2017; 8(1): 1-8
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