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Mr. Lucky Moffat


Faculty of Science



Location: 232/241
Phone: 3552265
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BSc (University of Botswana)

MSc (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

  • Basic Physics (Undergraduate) - e.g., Geometrical Optics & Mechanics; Electricity, Magnetism and Elements of Modern Physics; Properties of Matter, Basic Thermodynamics and Introduction to Nuclear Physics; Basic Electronics; Microcomputing for Physical Sciences, etc.
  • Applied Geophysics (Undergraduate) - e.g., Fundametals of Geophysics; Seismic Imaging: Theory and Applications; Geophysical Time Series Analysis; Geophysical Data Analysis and Interpretation, etc.

SpecializationApplied Controlled Source Seismology & Environmental Geophysics

Research Interest:

  • Cost-effective detection of sub-Fresnel scale mineral targets (e.g., massive sulphide bodies) in mining exploration.
  • Lithospheric-scale imaging of the Earth using wide-angle seismic data, e.g., crustal structure beneath ORZ.
  • Ground penetrating radar, seismic reflection and refraction profiling, resistivity, gravity & magnetics in support of geotechnical investigations and mining.

  • Moffat L., Canales J. P., Laletsang K. And Lizarralde D. (2019), 3D tomography of the wide-angle seismic data from the PRIDE-SEISORZ  experiment, GeoPRISMS 6th Annual Seismology Student Workshop, 21-22 March  2019, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, New York, USA.
  • Simon, R.E., King, J.G., Moffat, L.C., Moidaki, M.D. & Kwadiba, M.T.O. (2018), Botswana’s Earthquake of 3rd April 2017 is relocated using NARS data, 36th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission in Valletta, Malta from 2-7 September, 2018.
  • K. Laletsang, M.P. Modisi, E.M. Shemang, L. Moffat, O.R. Moagi (2007), Shallow seismic refraction and magnetic studies at Lake Ngami, The Okavango Delta, Northwest Botswana, Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 48, Issues 2–3.
  • Moffat L. C., Clark R. A., van der Baan  M. and Manning T., 2010, “Azimuthal Anisotropy Characterization Using 3D Multi-azimuth Towed Streamer Dataset”. EAGE/SEG Research Workshop 2010, G020.

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