Dr I.S Malila
Senior Lecturer
Block 247 Room 309
+267 355 5733
Professional Qualifications

PhD Criminology & Criminal Justice University of Edinburgh, 2009

Msc(Criminology & Criminal Justice), University of Edinburgh, 1999

MA (Sociology & Social Policy), University of Durham, 1994

BA(Sociology & Public Administration), University of Botswana, 1990


Brief Biography

Malila is a senior lecturer in Sociology and Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Botswana.He served as head of the Department of Sociology from 2017-2019. Before joining the University of Botswana he worked as a researcher at the Applied Research Unit, Ministry of Local Governments and Lands. At the University of Botswana  he broadened  his  involvement in research which he  often  conducted  on behalf  or under the auspices the of the Democracy Research Project, Basarwa Research Project and Women and the Law in Southern Africa Trust and other projects. The Democracy Project, of which he was one time Deputy Coordinator (in 1995) is well known  for  conducting opinion polls , running workshops  publishing papers on democracy in Botswana. At the Basarwa Research Project he was involved in research on the use and abuse of alcohol among Basarwa communities. In the recent past he has been  more heavily involved in  research  at Women and  the Law in Southern Africa Trust  where  he served  for long time  as a Part-Time Research Associate  and later as a Board member. In 1997 he was  the Team–leader of the first ever study on Criminal Victimisation in Botswana which  was conducted under the auspices of the United Nations  Interregional Crime  Institute.

Teaching Areas

Sentencing theory & practice ;Advanced  Criminological Theory; Crime Prevention; Communities & Crime ; Youth Offending & Juvenile Justice ; White Collar Crime; Sociology of Law ; Risk & compliance; social problems , political sociology.  

Research Areas

Sentencing & sentencing policy, Youth &  Justice  Justice in plural legal systems ; Indigenous legal  systems & Justice

Postgraduate Supervision Areas

Crime& Criminal Justice/Prisons /Corrections  

Selected Publications

 ‘Modulating and Limiting the Punishment through the application of  the proportionality  principle : a perspective from Botswana’ Nordic Journal of Human Rights  Vol 37 No 2, 123-142  ( 2019); ‘Punishment and Labour Extraction in Colonial Botswana’ Botswana Notes and Records Vol47, 10-23 ( 2016)( co authoured with John Makgala) Codified Law and the Changing Normative Context of Disputes in Traditional Settings in Botswana" Canadian Journal of African Studies 49(2)367-283(2015) “ Emerging Trends and the General Framework for the Exercise of Sentencing Discretion in Botswana” African Journal of Legal Studies 6, 171–188(2013);“The Mutation of Parliament into A ‘Registration Chamber’: Executive Dominance over the Legislature in Botswana” African Review 40(2), 33-59 (co-authored with three others) (2013);Book :(co-authored with-Christian John Makgala “ The 2011 Bofepusu Strike “ published by The Centre For Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS) (2014)

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