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Associate Professor
Block 236 Office 203
Professional Qualifications

PhD (Hydrology and Water Resources), Imperial College London, 2011

MSc (Hydrology for Environmental Management), Imperial College London, 2001

BSc (Environmental Science-Single Major), University of Botswana, 1999

Brief Biography

Prof Kenabatho is an Environmental Hydrologist/Geohydrologist, Water Resources Scientist with more than 20 years of professional experience in Applied Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Groundwater Assessment and Modelling, Water resources development for sustainable environmental management, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), and Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Mitigation strategies. Specific areas of expertise include the use of hydrological/hydrogeological and water resources models for application in the design and management of water resources projects. Specific key competency areas includes Risk assessment in water related projects, Transboundary Water Resources Assessment, Integrated Water Resources Management, Extreme events analysis and planning; Surface and Groundwater quality and quantity assessment; Environmental Impact Assessment, among others. He has demonstrated leadership in Project Management and ability to attract internal and external research funds in the above mentioned areas. 

Teaching Areas

Hydrology and Water Resources

  1. Principles of Hydrology
  2. Applied Hydrology
  3. Hydrological Analysis
  4. Water Resources and Management
  5. Research Methods
  6. Integrated Environmental Management


Research Areas
  1. Hydrological processes and modeling
  2. Groundwater assessment and modelling
  3. Managed Aquifer Recharge for water security
  4. Wetland Monitoring and Assessment using Earth Observations
  5. Catchment Hydrology
  6. Transboundary Aquifer Systems
  7. Extreme Events Analysis
Postgraduate Supervision Areas
  1. Hydrology
  2. Hydrogeology
  3. Water Quality
  4. Groundwater
  5. Surface-groundwater interactions
Selected Publications
  1. McGill, B; Altchenko, Y., Kenabatho, P.K.; Sylvester, S; Villholth, K. (2019). Complex interactions between climate change, sanitation, and groundwater quality: A case study from Ramotswa, Botswana. Hydrogeology Journal, 27(3), 997-1015.
  2. Matlhodi B, Kenabatho, P.K., Parida, B.P., Maphanyane, J.G. (2019). Evaluating Land Use and Land Cover Change in the Gaborone Dam Catchment, Botswana, from 1984–2015 using GIS and Remote Sensing. Sustainability, 11, 5174; https://doi:10.3390/su11195174.
  3. Byakatonda J., Parida B.P., Moalafhi D.B, Kenabatho P.K., Lesolle, D. (2019). Investigating relationship between drought severity in Botswana and ENSO. Natural Hazards,
  4. Kenabatho, P.K., Parida, B.P., Moalafhi, D.B. (2017). Evaluation of satellite and simulated rainfall products for hydrological applications in the Notwane catchment, Botswana. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 100 (2017): 19-30.

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