Senior Lecturer
Block 244K Office 152
+267 3554108/74435241
Professional Qualifications

PhD (University of Edinburgh), MSc (University College London), BSc (Hons) (University of East Anglia)

Brief Biography

Graduated with BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences with main interest in Quaternary Climate. She then worked for the National Museum, Archaeology Division and later studied MSc in Environmental Archaeology. In 2000 I joined the University of Botswana as a Lecturer in Archaeology but specifically Environmental Archaeology. I later pursued and successfully completed PhD in African Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and came back to Botswana to continue teaching and research in the field of Landscape Archaeology.

I am an accredited CRM specialist who is actively involved in Heritage Management projects. I have undertaken archaeological impact assessment (AIA) and mitigation consultancy works in the country and also partnered with other Heritage specialists in the region. I have led consultancy project teams on water pipeline and road construction, mineral prospection and mining as well as being involved on trans-border projects working towards ascertaining Outstanding Universal Value (OuV) of World Heritage Sites.

I  provide external examination services to universities in Southern Africa and Europe.

I provide Mathematics tuition for Kalamare Primary School pupils in the Central District of Botswana. The involvement in this endeavour has seen the pupils’ overall performance improve more than 4 folds in just two years.

Teaching Areas

Specifically teaches Environmental and Landscape Archaeology, Quantitative methods for archaeologists and Heritage Management. Course Modules include; Geoarchaeology, African Archaeology, Archaeology of Botswana and Southern Africa, Environmental Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Archaeological Theory, Public Archaeology and Heritage Management, GIS and Quantitative Techniques in Archaeology.

Research Areas

My research focus is in Landscape Archaeology of Botswana and the region. My interest is in understanding past human behaviour through their continuous use of landscapes as an immediate dimension for their daily life activities through studying material cultural and non-cultural remains and how the landscape influenced settlement choices. The themes include: Iron Age Archaeology, Archaeological Landscapes and Geochemical analysis of cultural materials in Shashe Limpopo Basin and Makgadikgadi.

Postgraduate Supervision Areas

Late Iron Age in the Shashe Limpopo Basin

Landscape archaeology of the Motloutse Valley


Selected Publications

Klehm, C., Barnes, A., Follett, F., Simon, K., Kiahtipes, C. and Mothulatshipi, S., 2019. Toward archaeological predictive modeling in the Bosutswe region of Botswana: Utilizing multispectral satellite imagery to conceptualize ancient landscapes. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 54, pp.68-83.

Mothulatshipi, S.M. and Thabeng, L.O., 2015. The archaeology of Leshongwane site in eastern Botswana. Botswana Notes and Records, 45, pp.126-137.

Mothulatshipi, S.M. and Merlo, S., 2013. Long-term histories of land use and rapid urbanisation of rural areas: A case study of Gaborone and its hinterland. Botswana Journal of Technology, 22(1), pp.40-48.

Mothulatshipi, S.M., 2009. Landscape archaeology of the later farming communities of the Shashe-Limpopo Basin, Eastern Botwsana: land use diversity and human behaviour. PhD thesis. University of Edinburgh.


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