MA French Studies

General Information

Phenomena such as globalisation, integration and industrialisation have increased mobility within the world for economic, sociocultural and political motives hence the need for language competency.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in French

The French Department offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts programme that includes courses in both language and literature and civilisation. Students who have already studied French in secondary school may be permitted to begin the program at a higher level. Many students continue after completion of the programme to obtain the Post-graduate Degree in Education in order to teach in secondary schools.


Bonjour! Do you want to be part of the over 220 million people who speak French in five continents? Come study French and pave your way towards being an intercontinental citizen. You will learn French language, literature, translation and linguistic courses through face-to-face instruction, multimedia, speech recognizers etc.

In pursuit of academic excellence