Registration for Semester 2 of 2021/2022 Academic Year

University of Botswana (UB) wishes to inform all returning students that registration for Semester 2 of the 2021/22 academic year is still open and will close on 30th January 2022.

Before you begin your registration

Payment of fees

  1. All returning Government Sponsored (DTEF) Students are expected to register without making any payment.
  2. All Government Sponsored (DTEF) Students who have been issued with new sponsorship letters should send them to:
  3. All Self-Sponsored Students should take note of the following regarding fees:

    a) pay a minimum of 25% of all the Semester fees.
    b) once the payment has been done, then complete the Payment Plan form.
    c) Send scanned Payment Plan form and Proof of Payment to:,
    d) Once the documents in have been received, the facilitation progress for your registration shall start and an email will follow indicating that you can now register.
    e) Pay the remaining 75% balance be paid in monthly equal instalments, payable all before end of the semester.

  4. To comply with Covid-19 protocols, students are advised not to come to Students Debtors Offices but utilize the availed online resources. This will ensure that there is no overcrowding and will reduce exposure to Covid-19 infection for our students.

Making your payment

  1. Online Payment:
    Students can pay their fees online using the UB Payments platform.

  2. Bank Deposit:
    • Local students can pay their fees at any branch of First National Bank of Botswana into Account Name: University of Botswana, Bank Account Number: 62130787601
    • International students can pay into the Standard Chartered Bank Account details of which are as follows:
      Account Name: University of Botswana
      Account Number: 0100110109600
      Branch code: 662167
      Swift code: SCHBBWGX

  3. For any financial queries or questions kindly send an email to this email address, or call +267 355 4633/4634/4635

Academic registration online

Before you start the registration process, ensure that you have a list of courses that you are supposed to register for and have established that they done clash, otherwise contact your faculty for guidance in that regard. All full-time students are advised not to register into classes named DIST.

The System may prompt you to change your password after first login.

If you have any difficulty to login into the system, contact your Faculty IT support.

For any enquiries on registration or any other related matters, send an email to your Faculty or contact them by telephone on the numbers shown on the table below:

Name of Faculty Email Address(es) Contact Number(s) IT Support
Business +267 355 2385/ 2225/ 2218/ 2239/ 4989/ 2965/ 4637/ 4073
Education +267 355 2392/ 2393/ 2387
Engineering & Technology +267 355 5399/ 4279/ 4481
Health Sciences   +267 355 4574
+267 355 2639/ 2643/ 2645
Medicine   +267 355 5556
Science   +267 355 2475/ 2473
Social Sciences +267 355 2744


Video Guides

Application for accommodation on campus (freshers only)

This is available for all new students, both local and internationals.  Note that you can only start the process of applying for accommodation after you have completed your academic registration.
The first steps towards applying for accommodation are as follows: 

  1. Open the Residence Management System.
  2. This link will take you to the Student Accommodation Access, as seen below, where you will apply for accommodation on‑Campus.
  3. You will then have to provide your login details as in Step 3 above to access the system. The login details are as follows:
    1. Username: your Student Identity Number.
    2. Password: your Student Identity Number.
  4. Finally Click on Login to access the System.
  5. Complete the online Application Form noting that all fields with an asterisk are mandatory.
  6. Make sure to apply as “First Year Student”.
  7. Once you have completed the Application Form, then submit it by clicking “FINISH”.
  8. After submitting your application, a pop‑up message will appear with a reference number informing you that your application has been submitted. Do note the reference number.

Queries related to student accommodation should be sent to:


  • Please note that acceptance of the application does not guarantee accommodation.
  • The names of those admitted into residence will be published on the University Website/intranet
  • Special consideration shall be extended to those with medical conditions, disability, being an orphan and vulnerable with supporting documents submitted to Student Welfare and international students. If you send documents by email use:

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