Study Abroad - Outbound

Expand your reach with our exciting study abroad program. Apply for the study abroad program during your 2nd or 3rd year using the simple steps below.

  1. Complete two full-time semesters at University of Botswana.
  2. Have a 4.0 GPA and above.
  3. Get two academic recommendation letters.
  4. Your Head of Department (HOD) will need to approve your courses and write a letter of approval for you to study abroad. Get the letter from your HOD and submit it with your application for ease of credit transfer upon return from study abroad.
    • NB: Failed courses will not be transferred.
  5.  Get certified copies of your academic transcript covering your period of study at UB.
  6. Selection criteria is based on GPA, written essay and oral interview. Your written essay should include:
    1. why you are interested in studying abroad
    2. what you hope to experience and achieve while abroad.
    3. how your study abroad experience will enrich yourself and benefit UB
  7. Placement will be based on availability of courses at the host institution.
  8. The exchange program is open to local students only.

While on Exchange

  1. Maintain a good academic standing at the host international institution and serve as Botswana and UB Ambassador!
  2. Explore, experience and immerse yourself into the life and culture of the host institution and country.
  3. Make blogs, vlogs, take tons of pictures and share your study abroad experience with fellow students and the OIEP!

For more information on the study abroad program please contact:

Office of International Education & Partnerships
Block 139/ office 120
Tel: +267 355 4139

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